On a busy stretch of Lafayette Street in Soho, it seems there is always a crowd of people waiting for table.  If it’s a weekend, nine times out of ten it’s for Jack’s Wife Freda, with a few stragglers from Ed’s Lobster Bar, but the real move is an unassuming Vietnamese restaurant called BoCaPhe.  Having walked down this street hundreds of times, I myself have fallen victim to the tunnel vision associated with overpriced eggs (because isn’t that what brunch really is?)

The next time you get quoted and hour and a half wait time and you’re dying for a burger, look no further than the swanky place next door, a delightful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Lafayette Street.

Here’s what we ate:

Shishito Peppers

Though seemingly simple, shishito peppers are one of those dishes that can transcend a meal when they’re prepared correctly.  This was one of those times. Slightly blistered and garnished with just the right amount of salt, they make for a perfect appetizer to kick off the meal.

Pho Tai

I kept it simple with this staple dish, and it didn’t disappoint.  Clean, bright flavors accentuate this hearty bowl of OG bone broth, and the paper thin beef melted effortlessly into the steaming soup.

Bao Burger

While this dish is nowhere near traditional, it was no less delicious.  For an extra $3, you can add a meaty shiitake mushroom to this already robust beef patty, as well as a decadent truffle sauce.  The flavors pop, and the bao bun makes it an innovating and rewarding dish.

Back to Black

This on trend cocktail was definitely worth mentioning. With sake as a base, the addition of lemon, honey, lavender, black charcoal makes it seem vaguely healthy, something we can all get behind from our cocktails.

222 Lafayette Street

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