The Loyal – 8.2

From the team that brought you vegetable driven restaurants Narcissa and Nix comes a decidedly not vegetable heavy menu.  Vegetarians and pescatarians, fear not, because there are still plenty of options for you, but if you’re someone who sneak bites of meat here and there, the burger is 100% worth the guilt.  Similar to Nix and Narcissa, the ambiance is effortlessly cool, and a bit sexier than its predecessors, but to be perfectly honest, the vibe is a bonus.  You’re here for the perfect-for-everyone menu.

Here’s what we ate:

Drunken Eggs

The Loyal_drunken eggs

Black and white sesame seeds, chili oil, and scallions make these deviled eggs a dream for lovers of Asian flavahs.

Cauliflower Au Poivre

Remember when I said The Loyal still does right by its veggies?  This is the answer to your vegan friend’s ordering problems.  A thick, meaty slab of cauliflower is smothered in the harsh black pepper of an au poivre sauce.

Truffle Polenta

the loyal_truffle polenta

Texture is a big component on an individual’s like or dislike for certain foods, and food that is “too mushy” or “too stringy” are some of the elements that “freak people out”.  I put these in quotation marks because I’ve never met a tomato I didn’t like, so this mushy AF polenta with was absolutely perfect.  The broccoli and sunchokes give it some texture, and the cheddar folded in brings to mind the broccoli with melted cheese I ate as a kid.  The truffle takes it to a whole other level.

Mushroom Carbonara

the loyal_carbonara

A fatter version of spaghetti, pici pasta is used in its place in this more robust take on a classic carbonara.  The trumpet mushrooms add a bit of funk to the already complex, creamy sauce, and the guanciale is so thinly sliced that you can almost forget it’s there.

Piedmontese Burger

the loyal_burger.JPG

This is one of the best I’ve had in ages.  The 22-step tomato is confited and slathered on top of a decadent meat patty, and the comte cheese is rich but not too overpowering.  As if that isn’t enough, the duck fat tater tots served alongside the burger should seal the deal.

289 Bleecker

All reviews are rated on a 10 point scale.

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