Alice’s Arbor – 5.9

You’d have to live under a rock not to recognize that the Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn is taking off as an it-neighborhood to live and play.  Alice’s Arbor, a five-year veteran of the hood, was an early adopter of the desirability of this neighborhood, and has maintained its presence by producing solid food in an attractive space.  Refurbished wood adorns all surfaces, the smell of the wood burning oven pervades the air, and the staff warmly greets all guests upon entry.

The executive chef/partner Mike Franzetti, restauranteur Dimitri Viahakis, and general manager Haroun Khalek have all maintained a fierce commitment to locally sourcing ingredients, and have the resumes (Motorino, La Gamelle, Lupa, Washington Park) to support the thoughtful precision they bring to this establishment.  Each element works together to provide a laid back atmosphere geared entirely towards their clientele’s needs and wants.  Alice’s Arbor is everything a neighborhood restaurant should be.

Here’s what we ate:

Kale Salad


I know, I know – another Brooklyn restaurant, another kale salad.  This was one of the best I’ve ever had.  Apples, almonds, avocado and a fig-sherry vinaigrette turn your reluctant #saddesklunch into something exciting and delicious, all while being good for you!  Count us in.

Maitake Mushroom

Hearty maitake mushrooms are roasted in the wood fired oven and beautifully plated over a plate of pureed greens.  A personal mushroom favorite of mine, these were an absolute dream.

Jam Burger

alices arbor burger

A classic burger is always a treat, and this juicy, grass fed version was no exception.  Bacon jam adds extra flair to this already stacked menu item, which includes jalapeno, pickled green tomato, and choice of cheese on a brioche bun.  The cowboy fries on the side are seasoned, crispy, and overwhelming in portion size.

Baby back Baby back Baby back Baby back…ribs

The meat on these babies were so tender they fell right off the bone.  Smothered in barbeque sauce and accompanied by a fantastic potato salad, this was a meat lover’s dream, and reasonably priced at that!


I usually don’t eat dessert, but I could not. Stop. Eating. This cheesecake.  Get it.

549 Classon Ave

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