Dimes – 7.8



I know what you’re thinking: a California inspired, good-for-you whole foods menu is probably bland, boring, and too much money for what it is.  These were my thoughts walking into Chinatown hotspot Dimes recently.  I am happy to report it is anything but.  The service was questionable, especially considering the tiny, tiny space only holds 5-6 tables, and I had to resist the urge to make mom jean jokes too loudly lest our American Apparel-clad server spit in my acai bowl.

Pithy hippie jokes aside, the food here is legit, and something you can enjoy with a let less guilt then the eggs benedict you had at brunch last week).  Here are some of the favs:

Acai bowls – Though these are trending like mad right now, the carob/banana/coconut/date bowl that we sampled was “on fleek”, or whatever.  Crunchy, sweet, smooth, it felt more like a dessert then a breakfast item, which is just the way I like my breakfast.

Breakfast Sandwich – egg, cheese, avocado, bread, jalapeno.  What more could you want?

Bowls – we went with the black rice bowl, complete with kale gomae, strips of crisp, cold chili cucumber, sweet potato mash, and giant portabella mushrooms slices, all tied together with a grapefruit ginger ponzu.  Absolute heavenly flavors for a meatless dish, and kept us full all day.  Having been back since this I initially wrote this review, I’ve had this for dinner, and it is just as satisfying as the brunch dish.

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