Buttermilk Channel – 8.4

To me, brunch is the ugly stepsister of dining.  Everyone is hung over, including your server.  Eggs are overpriced, waits are long, and your choice of morning boozing results in an unfortunate 3pm hangover.  I tend to avoid it If I can, but sometimes you just can’t function well enough to make yourself breakfast.  Luckily there are A+ establishments like Buttermilk Channel that do all of the heavy lifting for you, and in this case, restored my faith in brunch as a dining genre.

Despite the aforementioned pitfalls of brunch, the service at Buttermilk was impeccable, from the friendly greeting provided by the hostess to te kind and welcoming attention bestowed upon us by our server.  She was attentive and helpful in her recommendations, but not overzealous or overwhelming.  It was a calm, wonderful experience, and if every brunch was like this, my opinion would be forever altered.

Here’s what we ate:

Rosemary Bloody Mary


What brunch would be complete without this spicy, tomatoey, meal-in-a-glass alcoholic beverage, known for curing a hangover the world over.  Rosemary infused vodka and a veritable antipasti platter on a toothpick completed this as one of the best bloody Mary’s out there.


House Cured Lox Platter


An homage to Jewish comfort food, this platter checked all the boxes of a successful smoked salmon and cream cheese situation, with fried capers as an added flavor bonus.  If lox is your thing, make this your thing.

Eggs Huntington


Poached eggs are a favorite of mine based solely on the fact that I can’t make them successfully at home.  The Hollandaise on this take on eggs Benedict was sumptuous and not too heavy, and was a lovely option for a savory breakfast.

Buttermilk Pancakes


How can you come here and not order something made with this restaurant’s namesake?  The ability to order one pancake as a side dish was a HUGE plus for someone like me, who eternally struggles with the sweet versus savory brunch entrée option, and this single pancake did not disappoint.  Thick and yet fluffy, this is everything a pancake should be.

524 Court Street, Brooklyn



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