You won’t be able to move around very much in the tiny space in Clinton Hill that houses Pizza Loves Emily. There are only 25 burgers served per shift due to the size of the kitchen. Apparently the kitchen size also prevents said burger from being cut in half before it hits the table, like it was on the day I was there. Don’t worry, a knife will be brought to you so you can cut it yourself. Also, if you mispronounce the name of your bottle of wine, fear not, for your bespectacled server will happily correct you.

While the service is spotty, the food makes it almost forgivable.

Emily’s pizza is comprised of a thin, crispy crust with generous helpings of cheese, and a myriad of toppings with something for everyone.

Here’s what we ate:

The Classic

emily margarita

Sauce and mozzarella make this classic pizza…well, a classic. This was maybe the only misstep we made in our ordering, ad not for lack of quality. There are just so many interesting combinations of toppings on this menu that we should have lived a bit more adventurously. I guess that’s what follow up visits are for.

The Colony

colony pizza

Spicy pickled chilis? Check. Honey? Check. Pepperoni? Check. All of the checks. If you thought honey on pizza is weird, you’re not alone, but discard your judgment because this was awesome. If you only get one pizza, this is it.

The Quinn

emily quinn pizza.JPG

Summer is almost here and you know what that means – All. White. Everything. If P.Diddy was a pizza, this would be it. Mozzerella, Havarti, pecorino, and ricotta come together to present the perfect ooey gooey white pizza ever.

The Brender

emily banana pepper pizza.JPG

The backbone of this white pizza is similar to the Quinn, but a little jazzier. Smothered with onions, pepperoni and banana peppers (ohhh baby), this was definitely one of the more interesting things we did.

EMMY Burger


Though the pizza is delicious, the real star here is the burger. Dry aged beef, Grafton cheddar cheese, charred onions, a Tom Cat pretzel bun, and a super special EMMY sauce make this a meat bomb that is a strong contender for the city’s best burger.

919 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill


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