Gato is one of those places that fits a variety of needs: first date, dinner with the parents, or corporate card splurge.  The difficult part about committing to a “celebrity chef” restaurant is that you don’t totally know if said chef can still throw down in the kitchen, especially in a city where the competition is stiff.  I am extremely pleased to report that Mr. Flay did not disappoint, both in quality of food and impeccable but relaxed service.  My observation regarding whether or not he is a vampire (due to an apparent lack of need for sleep) remains unconfirmed, but I do not think a true blood drinker would be able to whip up scrambled eggs like these.  While I eagerly anticipate the day when I can return to Gato, I have to admit that putting in 6+ hours (and several bottles of wine) at the bar will suffice for now…and yes, I am still dreaming about those scrambled eggs.

We opted out of ordering any of the bar snacks as we were pretty hungry and eating on our own dime, and instead sprung for an additional appetizer.  Drum roll please…

Roasted Octopus


Through the wisdom imparted upon us by our fantastic bartender, we learned that this meaty slab of octopus had been marinated for 18 hours prior to consumption, and we weren’t mad about it.  The bacon, fresh oregano, and sour orange didn’t hurt anything either.

Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs

Can’t rave about these enough, and am seriously considering folding in some boucheron goat cheese the next time I make eggs at home.  The almond romesco added the perfect amount of umami to the dish, the chives brightened it, and the toast points with tomato confit on the side brought it on home.  Win. Win. Win.

Kale and Mushroom Paella with Crispy Artichokes and Eggs

kale paella.JPG

Dirty Rice style, and completely meatless, this dish packs a serious punch, especially for your plant minded friends.  I did find myself wishing for some sriracha to go with it, but I am generally a glutton for punishment.

Charred Carrots

Harissa, Mint, Yogurt: normal ingredients to accompany one of my least favorite vegetables.  Given that root vegetables are the stars of many menus across the city (and I don’t love Brussel Sprouts) this felt like a must coming from this particular kitchen.  Leave it to Bobby Flay to make carrots a work of art, and for the dish that I expected the least from to over-deliver.

324 Lafayette Street


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