Bar Bolonat

At first glance, the menu is intimidating.  Technically it’s Israeli, but actually Executive Chef homegirl is of Iranian and Yemeni descent, which means there’s……hummus?  Falafel?  Matzoh balls? Curry?  It’s all very fusion, very fuzzy, and confusing – but it smells amazing.

If you are looking for familiarity via text, you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you are looking for incredibly prepared ingredients paired with other incredibly prepared items that you never thought would go together, you absolutely have arrived at the right place.

Everything about my experience here was top notch.  I initially ordered a glass of wine blindly, without asking any questions or opinions of my (extremely patient) server.  She expertly noticed that I had nearly lost my nose in my giant Burgundy glass because something just smelled off to me, and swiftly recommended and replaced my wine. It had been a long time since I last felt my server not only noticed something was wrong, but anticipated a solution.  Much like the rest of my meal, balletic in its choreography and beautiful in its execution, I felt relaxed and utterly spoiled.

Jerusalem Bagel

bar bolonat bagel.jpg

It’s warm, oval, flavorful, large and cloud-like in its airiness.  It comes with homemade za’atar in olive oil, and it’s delicious.

Everyday Cauliflower 

bar bolonat cauliflower

When I asked our server what the most popular item on the menu is, she didn’t even blink before spitting out the word “cauliflower”.  My mind reeled, and my acid-averse stomach clenched, but I couldn’t resist sampling an otherwise negligible menu item.  The everyday cauliflower is everything but ordinary.  Ladled with an ample amount of tahini, fresh parsley, and cracked peanuts, it was crispy and delicious and I almost forgot I was eating the most cruciferous vegetable of them all.  Order this.

Shrimp in Yemenite Curry

bar bolonat shrimp

This was something I had read about previously and was dead set on ordering, but nothing really prepared me for the seamless blend of coconut milk based-curry and Middle Eastern spices, nor for the juicy sweetness of the jumbo shrimp.  The cilantro garnish tied everything up in a sweet little bow, and I was really sad when this dish was gone


bar bolonat duck

This beautifully plated water fowl entrée was served to us over healthy dollops of house made cacoa-accented mole, and surrounded by a halo of picked red onion and pearled Israeli cous cous.  It wasn’t too gamey or too trite, nor was it over or under cooked – it was absolutely perfect.  Though I had heard rave reviews about the poussin with crispy rice, I am thrilled I ended this meal with this dish. – and I can always go back for it.

611 Hudson Street


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