Speedy Romeo

Wild cards are exciting. They throw a wrench in your day, shake you up and force you to live outside your comfort zone.  While Speedy Romeo’s existence may be a wild card – converting an old auto body shop into a restaurant, resisting having gas lines installed in favor of cooking everything over an open flame – its delivery is far more certain.  The success with which your meal is achieved colors everything with a luminous, happy glow and makes you feel as though anything is possible.

Nothing we had on this menu was a miss, and the wood fire oven makes everything smell amazing.  The high vaulted ceilings and dope playlist doesn’t hurt either.  The wine list is funky and affordable, making this a great group spot, or date spot, or place to straight hang.  Your wild card Saturday night bet has turned out to be a home run, and you can mark this down on your list with a 100% return rate.

Ceasar Salad

Not a huge fan of Ceasars, but this was insane.  INSANE. Trump in first place insane. Covered in so much cheese it resembles a snow drift and layered with layers of spicy, lemon-heavy dressing, this is a must.

St. Louie


Many of the pizzas on this menu feature provel, a white processed cheese prevalent in St. Louis, and combines provolone, Swiss, and cheddar cheeses together.  Pair that with some sausage, pepperoni, and hot pickled chilis, and maaan, you really got something cooking.  This pizza tastes like a spicy margarita and an Italian hero had a baby, and it’s flat out amazing.

Kansas City Strip


At $38 and some of the nicest marbling I’ve seen outside of a prissy midtown suit-factory of a steakhouse, this is an absolute steal.  Charred and crispy on the outside, tender like butter when you cut into it, and served with roasted potatoes, this steak blew me away.

I only dined here with one other person, so I didn’t explore the entire breadth of this menu (read: more pizza) but you can bet your last wild card that I’ll be back.  More as this story develops.

375 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn

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