First and foremost, let the record show that I love any and all attempts to make healthy food (or even semi-healthy food) more attractive, more attainable, and more delicious.  As someone who thinks a lot about what I put in my body (read: when alcohol isn’t around), I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that places like By Chloe, Avant Garden, Superiority Burger and Dirt Candy 2.0 are dominating the New  York City food scene.  As someone who additionally suffers from crippling anxiety in crowds, by Chloe left a lot to be desired.

To make my by Chloe experience as target audience driven as possible, I went after a Soul Cycle class where I met Lucy Liu (and yes, she is just as perfect IRL as she is on screen).  I was sweaty and starving, and to be perfectly honest I almost left after we ordered because of the slow way bodies tend to encroach upon you – and this is after a spin class.  Finding a seat at by Chloe is like the hunger games of fast casual upscale vegan dining, which is a tough sentence to wrap your head around.

HOWEVER.  Once you sit down, it’s like the last 20 minutes never happened.  This is chicest, most adorable restaurant you’ve ever been to.  Does my skin look better?  I just chugged kombucha juice.  Did I just lose 4 pounds chewing on this veggie guac burger?  Probably not, but who cares – I’ve just inhaled a delicious burger with zero animal products and little to no guilt.

Food for Thought

Guac Burger


Definitely the winner of the entrée options, who doesn’t love avocado all over their burgers?  This black bean/sweet potato/quinoa patty is lovingly adorned with a corn salsa, homemade guac, spicy chipotle aioli, and tortilla strips for extra crunch.  So, so good.

The Classic


The patty on this veggie burger has a different consistency, and I prefer the guac burger patty, but this still is a satisfying take on a non-meat burger.  Tempeh, chia, walnut and lentil make up the crux of this entrée where the condiments outclass the burger itself – the special sauce and beet ketchup combination is fire.

Quinoa Taco Salad


The highlight of this dish is the spicy seitan chorizo, so well-seasoned that it absolutely passes for meat.  The appeal of this dish, however, ends there.  This tastes exactly like the #saddesklunch I eat more often than not.  Skip it.

Kale Artichoke Dip

How this spectacular side dish has no animal product in it, I will never know.  The description on the menu says it’s topped with “almond parm” and it is an absolute home run.  Maybe the best thing we ate at by Chloe.

Avocado Pesto Pasta

by chloe pesto pasta

A close second to the Kale Artichoke dip, this was unreal.  The avocado-cashew sauce lends a delectable creaminess to the pesto infused rotini pasta, and the grape tomatoes bring just the right amount of acid to the dish to make it extremely well-balanced.

185 Bleecker Street



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